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Flying V Unfinished Mahogany Body


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Introducing our RR Unfinished Gibson Flying V Body – the perfect starting point for any guitar builder or DIY enthusiast looking to create their dream guitar.

Crafted from high-quality mahogany, this body boasts the classic Flying V shape. With its signature pointed wings and sleek lines this guitar is a true icon in the world of rock and roll. The unfinished surface allows you to customize the look and feel of your guitar to your exact specifications; whether you prefer a natural wood finish, a bold paint job, or intricate designs.

The body is designed to accommodate most standard hardware and pickups, so you can easily add your own components and create a truly unique sound. Plus, the Flying V shape offers excellent balance and comfort, making it a joy to play on stage or in the studio.

Whether you’re an experienced luthier or a novice builder, the Unfinished Gibson Flying V Body is the perfect starting point for your next project. With its premium materials and versatile design, you can create a guitar that not only looks great but sounds amazing too. So why wait? Start building your dream guitar today with the RR Flying V Unfinished Body.


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