Should you wait or upgrade your guitar neck now?

The neck is one of the most important factors that affect playability. Upgrading to a neck with a different shape, profile, or fretboard radius can make it easier or more comfortable to play. For example, if you have larger hands, you may prefer a thicker neck profile.

The type of wood and construction of the neck can affect the tone of the guitar. Upgrading to a different type of wood or construction can change the tone of the guitar. For example, a neck made of maple can provide a brighter tone, while a rosewood neck should provide a warmer tone.

Upgrading to a higher quality neck can also improve the overall durability of the guitar. A well-made neck can better withstand changes in temperature and humidity; reducing the likelihood of warping or cracking. Also, a higher quality neck will provide a better truss rod for adjusting your neck bow -and there are different types to select from.

If you’re a performer, upgrading to a neck with a different finish or inlay design can give your guitar a new look and feel. This can be particularly important if you’re using your guitar for performance or recording, as it can help you stand out from other players!

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